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Ok, Who's Had Snow Yet?

Val (Zebedee)

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We keep getting told we'll have snow flurries but I haven't seen a single flake yet  :arghh:  I believe when I was in Ireland, the Northwest got a dusting - trust me to be away when it happened  :rolleyes:


I know some areas of the UK have seen snow already - so have you? What did your dogs make of it? I'd love to see our #1 foster boy, Loki, playing in it. He's 15 months so has never experienced it  :lol:

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No snow here in SW France and none forecast as far as I know.  


We haven't had any snow for a couple of winters now but when we get it boy do we get it :)


Got snowed in for 3 days, was awesome! Being 5 km from civilisation means my lane doesn't get gritted and we live up a hill so if you can get out you won't get back up :)


Really hope it snows it's head off on the 24th when my hubby is home from the UK, all shopping done, stacks of food and wine.  Then we will have some proper fun with the pups :)

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Nope was raining here earlier and it's getting chilly but nowhere near cold enough for snow. . . . Dammit !!

Bring on the snow

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