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New Member! And Could Use Some Advice From My Fellow Members..


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Hello everyone!

My name is Jillian and I am a new husky owner (I grew up with a husky as a kid but I wasn't the one training/taking care of him of course!). My little furbaby's name is Aurora and she is red Siberian Husky. She is currently 14 weeks old and I have had her since she was 7 weeks. The first week was great, because she was quiet and not used to her surroundings. NOW, she is a comfortable little terror! Of course she is teething and I have asked so many people what the best way is to go about that, and have been told to "wait it out and tell her NO".. Not working out too well! She doesn't nip at me or my boyfriend all that much anymore, but when visitors come over she gets very excited and it's almost as if she really can't help herself. Any advice on this? She also still has accidents in the house, I know we have to keep up with her and let her out often but I am wondering if anyone has any tricks to getting her to "ask" to go outside instead of just do it whenever she feels?

I have plenty of other questions, but I will start out with those!

Thanks everyone in advance!


Aurora The Siberian (on Instagram as "snowbengalnova")

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hi there and welcome to the forum!  :wave:   xxx


It took Ice ages to learn to stop chewing on people and even now he has the odd relapse from time to time when he's excited so my training tips are probably not the greatest, lol.  With regards to the teething though, providing them with things that they can chew, particularly toys you can put in the freezer which can help to numb the soreness a little.  When ice jumps up I tell him "down!" in my firm voice and he does get down, although honestly he will probably jump up again in which case I say "down!" again.  He does like to push his luck a bit.  :)

With potty training.  Taking them out regularly and after sleeping, eating and drinking etc....rewarding with praise very enthusiastically when they have been.  Some get the hang of it much quicker than others.  I also learnt to recognise the signs.  When Ice got restless and started wandering around then that was pretty much a clue that he was ready for the toilet.  Now he'll come up to me and bark at me if he wants to go outside.  Not something i've taught, more like him training me, ha ha.  My girls were both pretty quick to pick it up but my Icy boy took forever to get the hang of toilet training! :D

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post-6001-0-51689900-1415371983.jpg TO post-6001-0-88788300-1415681092.png


I have never had a pup so advise will come from others...


ps we do want to see pic's to post direct you need min.of 5 posts (anti spammer rules) or you can copy and past from for example photobucket or facebook...

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My boy Harry was 18 months when we got him and he still liked to chew on us and didn't really get the 'NO' or 'leave' when told. So what I did was give him something else to chew :)


As she's a puppy she will be teething so will want to chomp on anything she can.  Also when you have visitors I'd imagine she is getting quite excited, so I would ask your visitors not to give her too much fuss, especially if she's chewing on them as this will be seen as a reward. If she continues to bite then you may have to use time out, do you have somewhere safe you can put her?


As for potty training in can take time.  You need to be super vigilant in her body language and give loads of praise when she goes outside. Never scold when she has an accident and always make sure you clean it thoroughly so no scent is left.

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Toilet training can be hard, but here's how I got my 2 to learn.

We have a glass sliding back door leading to the backyard, so everytime we take them out to go to the toilet (after playing, sleeping, eating) we would put them on the ground and tap the door with one of their front paws. Then once we were outside, I would tell them to go "on the grass".

Now, everytime we are inside and they want to go out, they will just tap the back door with their paw. Or if I'm taking them out before we go to bed, I just tell them to go "on the grass" and off they run.

If you have a noisy house, you could also put a bell near the door and get them to tap that.

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My boy is 13 months now and still gets really overexcited around new people, even though he's very good at not mouthing me normally. I think the best thing to do is just warn people that she does get a bit overexcited, and let them make the approach for a pat or whatever if they feel comfortable. It has been by far the hardest thing to try teach, as you kind of have to teach the people she's interacting with first. Obviously if it's just a meeting on a walk this is a bit hard to do :)


As for the house breaking, just don't give her the opportunity to go in the house. Take her out every 30 mins if you need to, after every meal, after every play session. Just keep taking her outside and don't give her the chance to go inside :) 13 weeks is still very young (I only got my boy around 12 weeks), so she's still probably trying to figure her bladder out. But that's literally all I did when I got Loki, took him maybe 3 days to catch on, never had an incident in the house since. It's tedious at first, but you'll get there :)



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Thank you everyone! I know I have to have patience, just tough when I know how smart she is!

For some reason, every time I try to post a picture of her on a post it won't let me, it says I am unable to. Is that normal?


to post direct you need min.of 5 posts (anti spammer rules) or you can copy and past from for example photobucket or facebook...

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