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Meet Our New Puppy!


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(no, we are not crazy satanists, it was inspired from the film Snow Dogs! I'm sure some of you already know that   :D)



We picked up our little baby only yesterday. I'm Lori and my partner is Jamie. We live in the South West of England, and we traveled up to Derby for him. He behaved very well on his long journey! He is also settling in fantastically, eating well and already learning the command 'sit'! :D

We are very proud of our beautiful little boy. We are sure we will stick around this forum to share our experiences with him!

Photos to follow! 

(You have to have five posts minimum, right?)

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HI there and welcome to the forum!  :wave: xxx


For posting links to photo's from places like photobucket then yes it's five posts (to help deter spammers) but I think you can still upload images from your pc/laptop using the attachments upload thingy....click "more reply options" and you should find a giant paperclip at the bottom of the text box.  :)

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Thanks very much everyone! I'm glad you all like him :D



Welcome to the forum Lori, Demon is lovely and I am sure he will live up to his name during the puppy phase  :up:

Ahaha, oh he sure is. His Demon side has definitely shown in the past couple of days! He wants to chew everything  :rofl: Little devil!

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Welcome!!  Demon is absolutely gorgeous-enjoy him!  I had to do a double-take of your profile pic because he looks a lot like my girl there (except with blue eyes).  :)


Ooh that is funny! I agree, they do look alike  :lol: Nyx is gorgeous!

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