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Walking Belts


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Just looking to buy a walking belt... Leg Loops.  are they useful and if they are why....  Is it best to attach two dogs seperately on the belt.   If so what will I need. Looking at indi-dog walking belt.  I have never used one but want to be able to walk the woofs safetly on my own... and heard this was a good way.

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I tried a D-Sport walking belt but it couldn't take the pull and so came apart quickly, but now I'm on a K9 walking belt and it is so comfy in comparison. Because the pouch is removable it means I can also carry a back pack without it interfering.

I have old climbing injuries where my wrist can't take a lot of pull, and wearing this just for the walk around the park has been really good. Being hands free is also a saving grace sometimes, especially up steep mountains :-)

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Bella can not walk in a straight line.. she weaves.. I think she is trying to locate where she is with us all so... getting tangled is an issue... If on the very rare occasion she is walked by her self. you have to talk to her and walk really noisily... other wise she starts to panic.. Being blind she is amazing but you can tell how hard she has to try sometimes.. love her..    :wub:

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I have a Non stop dogwear trekking belt which is currently in my huge box of things I bought but don't really need  :D It has detachable leg loops. I really like the non-stop gear it is very high quality and I will use it at a latter stage for hiking. 




One thing that I have been doing for a long time with Ronin and may help with Bella is using mushing commands or your own versions of them. I have been doing it in prep for dry-land mushing but it is really good for lead walking. When we are walking I will say;


"Gee" when I want him to turn right.

"Haw" for left,

"Steady" for slow down

"Whoa" for stop

"Lets go" for start walking or after a sniff at a tree etc... I don't use "Hike!" at this stage as this is really a jump out of the gates and start running type term.

"On-by" for passing dogs or people


And of course I always use "gooood boy" frequently when he get the commands correct, which is all the time with left and right, but not as often with the others yet  :D


You could probably use something like "straight-on" for walking straight so she learns that she doesn't need to weave and of course lots of praise - ideally you won't need a command for this as we want this to be a normal walking baseline - but "good girl, good walking" is always good.


It is really easy to get the left right and stop with a lead on, all you do is say it then lead the way with the lead and in a short time she will get the idea. 


I think this will be great for Bella as you will always be talking to her and she will also be comforted that she is getting commands of where to go and it should help with not getting tangled.


I have however had some funny looks from people when I call out "Haw!" though, I am sure they think I am calling my dog a whore  :o  :lol:

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Thanks Jason....  helpful advice..  we already use some instruction when she is off lead.


Careful: she turns away from where she is going... very handy when Noah runs straight at me with her behind... Noah is a little sod sometimes..  always trying to get her into trouble...  This helps guide her through the trees bushes etc and also helps her avoid holes, football posts etc. 


To guide her its:  careful, good girl...


Move forward is walk on..


If there is a steep rise coming up.  we say up and she knows to lift her paws...


So getting her to learn left and right and straight on will be a good way of making sure she turns the right way...


She can follow Noah every where by listening to him... her ears are like satellites.  and we have dog tags that jingle. 


Not sure I will be using Haw... as I will probably be beaten up!!!!


It would be good to find a shop where you can try the belts on, as they are quite expensive...

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***I thought I've replied to this post but it went missing.. here I try again :-) ***


I just bought the canadog walking belt 2 weeks ago as it was getting more and more difficult walking our 5 years old Charly and Molly who was getting as big as him. However it was not handy as Charly walks as slow as sloth, and Molly likes to walk fast. It was very unpleasant for all.

However, the walking belt is fantastic when walking Molly alone. I struggled to find the right leash as most have only 1 hook, and the loop for the hand. I've an ezydog bungee leash and its extension, which works great for heeling/city traffic. So what I do for the walking belt is use only the extension + coupler, which has 2 hooks, one at the extension leash, and one at the belt.


I supposed walking belt is great when your dog(s) are the moving forward type. Also worth mentioning is finding the ideal length which gives you control over the dogs when they see something interesting and start to pull.



I've attached a photo for your reference.



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I have a Kisi walking belt and even with a bad back, it doesn't put strain on no matter who I'm walking. I normally walk 2 dogs on it, each on their own bungee lead (from a scooter or rig) but it was a nightmare getting tangled so I contacted a mushing gear manufacturer, explained what I wanted & got the perfect piece of equipment, now the leads cannot get tangled. The hooks clip on to the loops on the end of the bungee leads & the D-ring attaches to a caribiner on the walking belt



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Started the left-right training with Bella today... I think it is starting to sink in. early days...  Thanks for all your posts, Lot to look at and think about.... Will let you know which one I choose and how successful  it is... :D


Excellent, I use tone or a bit more volume to indicate the degree of turn so a "GEE!" is an abrupt almost 90 degree turn and a quieter "gee" will be a veer to the right.


I know that some mushers do use "right" and "left" for turns but I think the gee and haw is a bit easier to say by not having the T on the end of the word. But to be honest, use whatever works for you. My trainer was telling me that one of her clients uses "banana!" as the command for walk LOL - Having said that.. "right' and "left" will probably impress lots of people around you on walks  :D

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I like Banana for right and orange for left....


It was quite military yesterday... right, left, right, RIGHT. Halt.   :D still not shouting Gee---Haw though....

No need for Gee and Haw...I do not left and right works pretty good for me LOL

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Well the left, right training is going well.... Bella has picked it up quite well... Shame about the human directing though... 


Bella was veering left into a wall. so instead of saying right the human said left.... The only excuse the human has is it was the end of the walk and maybe oxygen levels were to low.   :P


Ok I admit the human was me  and I have a history of not knowing my left from right.... ask my driving instructor. :D

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