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Wall Stickers


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Put some of my wall stickers up today the ones that i have i am still awaiting on some others to arrive :D


Took a little while as you have to line it all up etc but i LOVE them!!


I have two of these this one is on the switch to my front outside light (that doesnt currently work but never mind lol) not sure wher eto put the other one yet



This is in my kitchen reason it is so high is because i want some kind of wine rack or shelving for wine bottles that i collect etc underneath it



This is my bedroom, i am planning on having some of the photo shoot photos around this when i decide on frames (maybe wall sticker frames??)



These are on my downstairs toilet and bath room upstairs just so i never have the wheres your toilet/bathroom questions haha



And this is on the wall at the back of my bath :)



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