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Yodel Parcel Grrrr


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On Monday afternoon I got up to find a parcel at the backdoor dogs where out and my backdoor was open for them to come in and out so crap WTF looked at the gate it had been broken into but thankfully closed behind which ever tit came in, to say I was mad is a major understatement here is whats happened since then .......


From Marks&Spencers

I'm contacting you with regards to property damage caused by a driver from Yodel.


At approximately 9:15am today, Monday 11 August, a parcel was delivered to the following address:


My address

Firstly, the driver has been to the wrong address. The parcel should have been delivered to:


.........next street to mine 

Secondly, on entering the property the driver has forced open the gate, causing it to come off its hinges. The gate has two locks and the tenant believes only one lock was unlocked.


Thirdly, the tenant was concerned for the welfare of his two dogs who may have escaped from the garden through this incident.


The tenant has spoken to Yodel today for approximately an hour and hasn't been offered any sort of resolution.


In order to help your enquiries I'm able to advise the parcel number is 8M9910630974A002.


The tenant would prefer to be contacted via email, I've copied him into this correspondence. The tenants name is Mr Duncan Stridgen and his email address is..........


I would appreciate it if you keep me informed of your investigations and would be very grateful if you could contact Mr Stridgen immediately to resolve the issue. The reference number for our case is: 1-478618870.


If you wish to discuss this matter with me directly, the telephone number for M&S Retail Customer Services is 0333 014 8555.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards


Kirsty Oldfield
Retail Customer Services
Your M&S Customer Service




Yodels reply

Good Evening Mr Stridgen


Thank you for your email.


Firstly, please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.


Please confirm if you are still in possession of the parcel and I will arrange for the driver to return to your address to retrieve and deliver to correct address.


With regards to the alleged damage caused to your property, please may I kind request that you forward me photographic evidence of the damage. You can forward to me at .......... Email Address  or by white mail to the address below.  I will then request an investigation at the service centre.


Once again, please accept my apologies for problems you have encountered with this delivery.



Kind regards



Gerardene McCarthy


My reply.......

Re: The parcel and damage to side gate....

The parcel is no longer here after talking to Marks and Spencer's I was advised to get rid of it as the condition of the box it came was shocking having being  left outside in the down pouring rain we had on Monday morning .
Marks and Spencer's are sending out a new parcel out the the correct address hopefully it will have got there by now.
As for the “ alleged damage” to my property there is no alleged about it let me explain.
I work nights so was in bed when yodel called so didn’t even know they had been apparently next door had seen the parcel about 9.15am at my backdoor he told me this when I got up at 2.30pm and 1st thing I though is how the hell as it got there as there is no-way to the back of my house unless I let someone in, having looked the top sliding lock had been slid back and the lock hasp had been broken with the gate left open ( see pictures ) The hinge side of the gate was not damaged just the hasp which was ripped out of the frame.
Also as you can see from the pictures I have had to put a new hasp and lock in place as I have 2 dogs that roam free in the back and had they got out I would of phoned the police for braking and entering as that's what has been done here, there is even a sign on the gate saying BEWARE OF THE DOGS ENTER AT OWN RISK.
Pictures enclosed
Mr D.Stridgen
I await reply :)












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Thank you for the requested information.


I have now passed all details to the management at the service centre and requested an investigation. Once completed, I will contact you.


Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.



Kind regards



Gerardene McCarthy

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I can believe that of Yodel. They have delivered stuff to me and, even though they had written instrustions on the label, what to do with it if we were out, they still left the parcel at the front of the house in plain sight. Anybody could have walked of with over a £100 of dog food. As you know I work for parcelforce and we have a strict policy that you do not enter a property unless requested to do so by the recipient of the parcel. We also have to have a signature for just about everything we deliver. This sort of act is totally out of order. Good luck with the claim mate.



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Somebody needs to be dope slapped for that.  That is completely unacceptable, IMHO.

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