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Stiles: Has Anyone Successfully Trained A Husky To Climb One?


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Calling all country bumpkins,

I live, breathe and walk countryside, only problem is the good old British stile. Where there is no badger gate, the only way is up and over. Has anyone managed to train their husky to get over one? Any tips on how to train my girl to do it?

At 24kg already at 7 months, carrying over will not last much longer!

Thanks for any advice,

Tessa x

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Ah. We have this problem too. Given the fact that I'm really clumsy, I usually end up tangled in dog lead and spread eagled stuck on top of the style, lol. Don't ask me how, just have a nack of making a pig ears out of it! Lol.

I would imagine using treats to encourage them over each part would be one way to go, they're fast learners so should pick it up fairly swiftly.

Good luck! [emoji1]

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Not from Europe/Britain so I am wondering.....what exactly is the point of this? Why not just have a gate? :confused1:

gates can and will be left open for cattle to escape that is why you use one...

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I introduce over-turned garden chair on ground in garden ....lol

Put on lead and with treat in far hand lead towards chair and 'sweep' hand over through upturned legs. They may go round to start... but persevere poss dropping hands lower thru the legs and calling 'come! Over!' Or 'through'. Chester grasped it within five minutes...Big reward and fussing!

Did it again with no problems and fine still.

In UK as we have to keep dogs on leads now in countryside every/anywhere not enclosed I think this will work well whether they go first through/over stile or jump through some of the 'V' shaped ones, or follow you.

Of course some dogs may freak going over on raised planks...I need to try this with Chester and Eski! More tricks to learn! If humans have serious vertigo then dogs may too. My Dave has.

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In Canada we have Texas gates, big rollers set into the ground where you want a gate. Our Kallie has never has never had a problem going over these, but then, she can jump about 6- 7 feet in front. Would win the Olympics with that, I bet.

Also, since she was a puppy, she would climb ladders, stools jungle gym monkey bars, etc. Caught her in an apple tree once, wish that I would have gotten a picture of that! She thinks she's a cat, in fact our old Siamese is clumsier than she is!

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