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Pics Of Your Dogs. . . Right Now

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This is them right now being good while a clean and rearrange stuff Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2

Ours have not long had brekkie, so Ice is currently out in the lean-to where he eats his meals.  He's been waiting patiently for me to open the kitchen door and let him back in again, lol.     Be

Sleeping Drinking Being a princess

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First escape attempt - failed!


Actually, he was just trying to get a stick we made him leave just outside the gate when we brought him back in from a walk. Got his head through the gap at the bottom, and when he stood up...well, he's bigger than he thinks he is.

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"Someone stole my bits two days ago........ and I'm milking it for all I'm worth"

SkyeSkye got 'scooped' and had a bit of a whinge the first night but last night was as good as gold - probably as she thinks she's special, what with spending two nights on the settee (she slept much better than me!). So far no need for Cone of Shame  :up:



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That's expensive beer, too! She stole the bottle from my dad when he wasn't paying attention and hid behind the shed. I think she got about a quarter of it.

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