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Pics Of Your Dogs. . . Right Now


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Once on the bed, always on the bed :P


Ghost looks like he's gonna be huge if that's him at 7 months!

Sorry I got it wrong, hes 7 months on christmas day! (Born May 25th lol!)
Hopefully he wont get too big ha!
Ghosts twin brother called Rebel is alot bigger than him aswell!
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Huskies feel no shame lol. I wonder if they sleep like that to cool off a bit easier. Every morning I wake up and Loki is laying in some really uncomfortable looking position. This morning half his face was stuck under the carpet in my room, but he moved before I could get a pic :P

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Mmm air conditioned couch :) Love the contrast of photos here though, everyone else has pics with fireplaces going in the background, and mine are either in water or sprawled out on the cool tiles lol :D


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