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Pics Of Your Dogs. . . Right Now


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Its actually just above freezing point here so it's rather wet and slushy :(

I meant to post pictures here yesterday night before going to bed but after 10 minutes I gave up trying to find it (iBads are a pain sometimes) so thanks for hur bump :D



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Luka, for the cancer awareness 'selfie'. He had a lump on his chin which had appeared suddenly and grew rapidly - vet advised removal as if it had got any bigger it would've been difficult to remove. Turned out to be benign and he recovered fine but we don't regret the action and continue to keep an eye out for 'lumps & bumps' on all our dogs


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Some great pictures have already been posted so here are a few pictures of three members of our 'pack-' this afternoon - apologies for being a little late!


There's: -


Luna - 'To Infinity & Beyond'.


Skye - 'Not sure if I am tired or just hungry').


And Cassie - 'Just as scruffy as ever - but still totally adorable'!


Lisa became camera shy and ran off into the kitchen!








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