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Pics Of Your Dogs. . . Right Now


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Pics of your Dogs right now. . . no posing just click and post !!!





My 3 right now


Click on Pics to make em bigger)


Snoozin Darwin




Awwww Echo giving googly eyes at my Son




Dozy daughtry



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Alpha is trying to get some sleep after morning walk and breakie...




Bindi is wondering: what are you doing old man leave me alone need rest after my walk....



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Ours have not long had brekkie, so Ice is currently out in the lean-to where he eats his meals.  He's been waiting patiently for me to open the kitchen door and let him back in again, lol.




Bear has finished her brekkie and gone back up to bed.  She's laying upside down underneath  it and Paul's still sleeping and got a bit narky with me for messing around with the camera, he reckons I'm up to no good, fancy that!




Brooke too has finished her breakfast and has gone up to Callum's bed (my teenager).  He's playing oblivion on the x box and she's laying on his bed watching him.







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Couch wrestle time! Shh don't tell daddy!


Awwww too cute :D

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