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Dove Stone Reservoir

Val (Zebedee)

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Tomorrow, we are having a team building day at a reservoir near Oldham. It's owned by the company I work for and they have all sorts of things going on there.


We have had a husky owners walk around the res before now, it is beautiful.


Tomorrow will be interesting though. We have to get there ready to set off in to the forest at 10am, then we will be tree felling, planting, digging, doing all sorts of things! I think it's cheap labour really :P  We will be out there for about 5 hours in all - with no facilities whatsoever!!!!!


No drinks, no food (yes, we're taking our own) but more importantly - NO TOILETS!!!!!!!!! :lol:  Now I have camped for many a year so not averse to using nature's facilities when needs must, but there are some proper girly girls going & I think they're going to hold it in for the whole time :P


Anyway, after that, we're getting changed & are booked in to a local pub for a meal before comning home again. Certainly beats 8 hrs in front of a computer screen, that is for sure :rofl:

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well, I survived! :P We walked half way round the res from the car park, then hiked up the steep hill off track, over a stile & into a forest - we were all shattered just with that! :lol:


Then apart from 2 short stops for a drink & a bite to eat, we sawed & hacked branches off trees then felled some of the trees ready for collection over the next 5 hrs. We cleared quite a large area too with 11 of us ^_^  but it was on a steep slope & quite slippy under foot with moss etc so there were some trips & stumbles :rofl:


After that, we stopped at a pub & had a Christmas 3 course meal all paid for by the company (plus drinks), they had the real log fire going for us which was very welcome as although it was a bright, sunny day, it was flipping cold :P


Here's some pics of the gang at work & the beautiful views we had from the top













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It was actually good fun & quite therapeutic! Took all my anger & frustration out of sawing the branches off then felling trees  :P  In one of the pics, you can see all the light "spots" on the tree trunk, that's where the branches came off.


We will have to have a walk there again, lovely spot

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