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Best News Ever!!!!!/needing Immediate Advice


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Ouch, having one not feel well would be bad enough; having two sick probably kept you on your toes!


Balto sounds like he's beginning to accept the change - very good!! There are few situations that scare me worse than a baby and a questionable dog - that just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. 


Your weather was a bit mucky - now from what I saw here and what I saw on the weather, "a bit mucky" is a bit of an understatement!  Hope you all have thawed out and dug out and that all of you are feeling better quickly.

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Thank you all. Zach is now better and so is Charlene but not before momma also got the stomach bug :( ( I am just glad I didn't get it as bad as my husband). We had the behaviorist still come out and see him and she watched him and said what we were doing was great as he is attached to his leash and within in stepping/grabbing reach in case anything were to happen. She is giving us some things to do to work with him jumping up and putting his paw on her which she said could take a few months before he actually stops doing it but being consistent is key. Charlene's pack and play is in the living room, so if I am working on homework or cleaning then I can put her in there while she sleeps and Balto will actually go and check on her and then go back to playing around the house, but still makes occasional stops to check in on her. He still tries to give her kisses and Charlene is just not having it!!!! He is doing extremely well and has been praised a lot which he isn't complaining about as he loves his new toys, bones, treats, etc.


 Today a new step was made as Balto instead of jumping when I was holding her would come and sit next to me when I was standing and holding her so he was praised and hopefully being consistent works and he continues to sit when we have her in our arms.

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