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Sibecare - OK, start again


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Around 6 month ago (yeah ok probably more) I started a topic regarding a new piece of software that I would like to create for Husky Owners. Unfortunatly as I changed jobs in this time and needed to focus a lot of my development time on that, it never materialised into anything at all. So I though now it is coming up to christmas, a few holidays are looming and since I have now been working in full on development and learnt a lot, I would have a go at actually getting this thing developed.

For those of you who dont know about sibecare, here is an overview of what I am trying to achieve.

Marcronix SibeCare

We all on here own huskys, and for some of us we have quite a few things we would like to keep information on with regards to them. How many times have you wrote on your calender the next time you need to net that flee stuff when you go shopping? When does he/she need his next checkup? When was the last time he/she was ill? How much does it cost you to feed your husky?

OK, so we can do this on a calender right? OK so how about something a little more complex. You've started training your husky and you have a target for him/her to 'give paw' within x time. You gonna put this on your calender? Thought not. Any idea what you husky weighs, or would you have to dig out the Vet card from the bottom of that drawer you dread going in because its full of all sorts of crap? Would you notice if you husky was ill a few times over a year? OK you might, but what if it was that you give a very varied diet and one specific thing was giving your husky an upset stomach. Think you would pick up on it? Probably not in reality.

So this is SibeCare. The idea is that you can have a program on your computer that you can enter all sorts of information into about your husky. A program totally dedicated to him/her/them where you could schedule that next grooming, log that latest illness, track that rig training. Something that will be clever enough to tell you if its a specific food that disagrees with their stomach, popup and remind you of that vet appointment you 'completely forgot about' the last time and had to rebook.


So there ya go guys. Thats the idea in my head. It will take a while for this idea to become a reality as its not a small project and I have a mass development team of 1 LOL, however it will happen. However there is no point in me doing this if I dont give people what they want. Therefore what I would like you to do is throw ideas at me for the software. Anything no matter how big or small it might be, post it and Iwill have a look at it. I cannot promise that every idea will make it to the final development, however the more ideas I get the better the product will be.

The software once it is finally done will be specifically for members of Husky Owners and completely free of charge to our members. Please bare in mind when posting ideas that the software (for now) will not be linked to the forum in any way. It will be a program that you run on your computer as a standalone application so please dont ask for information to be dragged from the forum database as this is not the idea at the moment. It will be a single application for you to use yourself as you see fit.


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Hi mark this sounds great, i would love something like that for my huskies, currently i have 5 huskies and 1 cross breed and i recently sat down got my new diary out for next ( my now doggies diary) and wrote nearly everything in there to remind me of boosters, worming, seasons etc etc but with a diary its not gonna pop up a little reminder message saying hey phoenix needs his booster or worming today lol so something like this would be sooo good for me.

I'm looking forward to hearing the progress on this program, i cant wait... excellent idea mark and i know i would soooo love this :D

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Guest snowdog

ooooooh yes nice one! i currently jot my threes next worming dates n flea dates stuff like that in a pad something like this would be so cool, great idea marc, look forward to the launch x

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This is a cool idea marc, as I actually did forget Chewys initial surgery appointment a few months ago and had to reschedule...it was 2 months before they had anymore open appointments! I had it written on a calendar and on a notepad on the desk and still forgot, so this would be great.

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I've now picked up from where I left off on the sibeCare program after having a think about how I was going about it. So here is what I have so far:

  • Main menu mockup has been done, although will need a 'lick of paint' before it is release worthy.
  • You can add huskys with details for name (required), Owner (Required), Date of Birth (optional), Sex (optional), KennelName (optional) - This can be added via a "quickadd" button on the main menu, or via the settings menu
  • You can add owners to the system which will be added to the list when creating a new husky profile in the system - these can be added via the settings menu
  • The main organiser and database structure for it has now been created. It will show a week view or monday to friday along the columns, with time of day going down the left hand side in half an hour timeslots.
  • Huskies can be edited or deleted by right clicking on any husky in the main menu and selecting either edit, or delete.
  • Deleted huskies will no longer appear in any view within the system, however if you have made a mistake in deleting you can rescue the deleted item by via the recovery menu which can be found under settings.

I will be adding screenshots on the next update, however there are a few things I want to add before I do so. Next things I will be adding are:

  • Although the organiser has been done, I have yet to create a way of entering new events. I will be adding 2 ways of doing this. One from the main menu "Quick Add Event" button and another from double clicking on the specific timeslot within the calender.
  • Once the above is done, I will be adding another double click to events that are already added to the calender, so it will ask if you want to add another event or edit a current event within that timeslot.
  • I will be adding a vet profile system to the settings menu, and adding an optional vet selector to the "Add Husky" screen.
  • A picturebox is to be added within the Add Husky screen so you can add an image of your husky.
  • Profiles for huskies will be viewable (these will also eventually be printable with statistics once the full program is complete, however this will be done at a much later stage in development)

Again as always, please please please give me your input and ideas. These are invaluable to me if I am to build a system that people will want to use.

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This is great Marc. I'd be very intrested in this for my personal use with 4 dogs and i know other people that would be too!

With the pictures - could you add life stage pictures? pup, adult, oldie? so it keeps them on record and you can look back to the info when it was 8 weeks and there is also a pic of the dog at that time?

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