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Football League (Soccer)


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hello so i wanted to start a football league for all the football fans here on husky-owners this will go live at 10 pm tonight monday 14th october in a new post here are the rules



right i wanted to keep this very simple here is the plan every member has 3 players but those 3 players must be from diffrent teams each player will have 1 goalkeeper 1 midfielder and 1 striker


points are awarded for keepers for a clean sheet= 3 points


goals by midfielders and strikers will also gain you =3 points per goal


   and no member can have same players as another member and each team will have a name of the members choice the format you should choose to enter your teams tonight will look like this and all players must be from teams in the english premier league


                                 team name -


                                           gk -

                                           mf -

                                           str -




this will start after the international games are finished this week no points will be awarded on international games also if you miss the start of this please dont feel left out you can still post a team up just tag me in the post

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team name - KmaftU


                                           gk - Cech

                                           mf - Yaya Touré

                                           str - Suárez


Done now as I will be in work tonight :)

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