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**secret Santa - Likes/dislikes

BingBlaze n Skyla

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I love purple, anything to do with huskies/wolves.

The dogs kill anything with squeakers, storm is fussy with treats the other two will eat anything.

no rawhide please. ( and if yourr from the us i like the mint m&ms!) pmsl.

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- Any kind of treat is okay, but he mostly prefers liver, boar, or venison treats. (No rawhide)
- Some 'find the treat' brain games would be nice, they must be very hard to solve as I swear he has the intelligence of a 5 year old! He already has a kong,  kong wobbler, and kong sattelite. 
- NO other toys please!!
- He isn't allergic to anything. Anything with grain in it is okay, he isn't bothered by it.


I like anything to do with wolves, werewolves, and huskies. So anything related to that - statues, plushies, blankets, posters, etc.
Favourite colours are green, tan, grey, black and white.
Gift cards for any of the following: Amazon.ca, PetValu, PetSmart.ca, Chapters.ca, Bestbuy.ca, Futureshop.ca

And, if you happen to live in my province (Ontario), you're welcome to send me a lottery ticket or a scratchcard. 

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Storm and Mya : they like anything apart from chocolate drops and squeaky toys as Storm kills them in seconds!

Me : I love anything to do with huskies and chocolate (not dark). Favourite colours are purple / pink.

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Dogs'll love everything but please no hard treats as Glala has poor teeth and has trouble chewing them. Wodak is a smart one and anything (strong) that can keep him occupied would be great. Glala and Dana are not interested in any toys.

As for myself, I'd like to be surprised really but if you have really no idea what to give: My interests are wolves, photography, technology. But I would also love to see something unique from your local area if possible :)

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I like the colour purple and huskies.


Yep agree that's a great Whoopie Goldberg / Spielberg movie

and I like Huskies too :P

My guys will eat and or play with anything

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I like: anything to do with animals/dogs/huskies. I love hats, chocolate (but not white), cannot have anything with gelatine/alcohol basically as long as its suitable for vegetarians and no alcohol its ok. Favourite colours blue and yellow  :D


Kai likes: Nearly all chews, treats and toys, Doesn't like: ropes, rawhide, any pork flavored treats and nothing from Bakers.  



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