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Heyyyy Everyone :-) Im A Newbie From Bedford


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Hiiii peeps!

I'm Kita, my other half is Tom and our bubby Malamute is Kovu. Is is 8 months old but the size of a wolf!

We've recently bought a house in Bedford (only down the road from Milton Keynes where we're from) but are still new to the area and are looking for new Husky friends to meet with Kovu so he cam ve around his own kind. We have another dog Toby (Welsh Collie cross) but he's 8 years old so a bit boring and antisocial as he was a rescue from Battersea dog's home.

I was recommended this site from Niki who we met up with earlier this evening, who said it's a great place for advice and to meet other Husky/Malamute owners.

I'm still getting used to the site but have got lotttts of piccies of Kovu I will upload and will put a couple up of Toby the Collie too.

Hopefully speak to you soon.

Take care x

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