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It'a Been A Long Time Since I Last Saw Your Balls...


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Lol, ERM I don't think anyone is sure how to reply. . .

Is it eyes or testicles ??

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Ah, thanks

Maybe I was just being dim

I'll blame it on the heat :P

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I didn't get it either. I looked at the thread twice wondering how the reply.  :erm:


I didn't at first until I saw his husky curled up in a ball lol. Got people talking though! ;)

Phew . . . glad it wasn't just me :clap:

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Here goes a few of Sky. This is her favorite position during winter nights(even though I live in California!)


Sky's chair.



One of her small little "wolf dens" We just filled it and she started to dig again.(We let her dig in dirt and in return she doesn't dig up the grass!)



Sky and 3 month old Roxy. Sky looks a little annoyed haha.


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Oh my!  When the doorbell rings at my house they will go from sound asleep to running at the door, ears perked up!


They also do that when I yell "Kitty Kitty Kitty".  I do that all the time...mean daddy!

Diamond trying to sleep 



And then the doorbell rings


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