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Ladies Of Husky Owners!!!

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Are you a lady?

Are you a UK size 4-5 shoe?

Are you able to walk in heels?


Then you need to look at my shoes I have for sale!

Having a massive clearout, they're all in pretty awesome condition aside from a couple of scuffs on the boots :)


If you're interested, inbox me and depending on the area MAY be able to deliver, but they'll probably be posted :)


Top ones are a size 4, the rest are 5s :)






**EDIT!!** The black ones with the bow on the front are a size 6 not 5!

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The only problem with killer heels is you try them on in the bedroom, look in the mirror and you think " ooh great, got legs up to my armpits, I'm looking goooood!". You test run them around the room, venturing into the hallway, strutting like a catwalk model and marvelling at your coordination. Things are going well. :up: then you get ready to leave and reach the top of the stairs.......oh dear, stairs! Hadn't factored that part into the equation! So you grab on tight to the bannister and gingerly negotiate your way onto the top step, wobbling and teetering in a very ungainly fashion. Then you give up and bottom shuffle down the stairs, much quicker and problem solved. Until you walk outside and realise your driveway is on a slope. Usually I end up taking off my shoes half way through the night and use them as dancing props! Probably not advisable but by that stage of the evening common sense has well and truly left the building, to be replaced with black bendy straws wrapped round your ear, doubling up as a microphone while you channel your inner Britney Spears, belting out "hit me baby, one more time". Lol. Surely I'm not the only one? :P

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