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Lunar Won The Show!!!


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Lunar, aka Pelenrise Brite Illusion, aged only 6 months, won Best Minor Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch at Blackpool Championship Dog Show! She also qualified for Crufts, just from the very first show in her life! I cannot tell you, how proud we are! :)



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:congrats: That is really well done. I did wonder, when you said you were going to show at Blackpool, how you would do as I know one of the other competitors. Roxanne has been winning just about everything in the puppy classes with one of her dogs. Not sure if she was in your class or not but if she was and you've beaten her then you have one very special dog. 



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Congratulations!!! She is stunning!!

Are you at any more upcoming shows will keep an eye out for you :)

Thanks! Yes she won a couple more since then. She got prizes from Leeds and from Bournemouth (both CH shows). Her biggest achievenment so far is to win 2nd in Junior Bitch at Bournemouth, competing with nearly grown-ups:) And she received lots of wonderful comments from judges.

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Congratulations! I did nott alk to many people as I was too stressed lol but if you noticed a noisy pair of kids messing about it was us:) Lunar is a sister of Sparki, a daughter of Solar and Flynn and a grandaughter of Flynt from Ireland, if you saw any of them! :) Where are you going next?

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