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Kailua Lord Chester Wins


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13.04.2013 International Dog Show - Satu Mare (RO) Very Promising, Best Puppy and selected for the final 6 pups for BIS. 





14.04.2013 International Dog Show- Satu Mare (RO): Very Promising, Best Puppy and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!!! :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: 





A fun photo with my crazy little bat :D 

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Keeping fingers crossed for you and your dogs for great results :)  Our next dog show is the World Dog Show and the next day is the World Club Show....  It will be interesting, there are 170 huskies entered at the WDS and about 80 at the Clubshow  :D 

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Thank you all sooo much!!! I really appreaciate your comments!!  Hopefully in a few years he will fly to the the U.S. and continue his show career there. Untill then, we're doing our best here :)
So far in 2013 he has achieved:
- 2 BIS Puppy

- Res. Puppy BIS at Wolrd Club Show
- Vice Puppy World Winner 
- 4 BOB 

- 5 Jr.BOB 
- Hungarian Junior Champion

- Romanian Junior Champion

- Zagreb Junior Winner  
Looking forward to start dog showing in 2014 :D 

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