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Husky Camp Dog Show Details

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Husky Camp's Dog Show is aiming to be bigger and better this year! After discussing with Sarah, we've agreed to release the information on the show prior to camp to allow you to prepare for the categories you want to enter.


This years dog show comes with the opportunity to win the very first OFFICIAL HUSKY OWNERS BEST IN SHOW TROPHY.




Sticking with the traditional style of fun dog shows, we've gone for 3 main serious categories where anatomy, health and condition really plays a part and special rosettes are available and 5 fun categories to win traditional rosettes.


EVERY category gives you the chance to enter Reserve Best In Show and Best In Show. ANYONE that wins a first place rosette in ANY category automatically qualifies for best in show.


The judge for this show will be me, so if you have any questions prior to the show, give me a shout.





Now the important part - The categories!


3 Main Categories with special large 1st rosettes.

Best Dog

Best Bitch

Best Puppy




Fun Show with traditional rosettes.

Best Rescue

Best Biscuit Catcher

Best Howler

Best Snogger (Dogs, not the owners!)

Dog That Looks Most Like their owner.


1st Place Winners for special rosettes and the trophy!

Reserve Best In Show

Best In show





There will be a charge of £1 per entry per person. We wont be charging per dog as we respect some people have a lot.. (cough cough Pete). The reason we are charging for the show this year is to help cover the expenses of the rosettes.


I look forward to seeing you all there :D


Stacey xxx

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LOL sorry there won't be a biscuit catcher competition.

My lot will have nicked the bag the biscuits are in opened the packet and scoffed the lot while you're not watching.

and. . . .

If you manage to find some more, as you're about to launch the bisciut Echo will have your arm off at the elbow before you can throw it.


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Whats the age range of the pups? Shadow will be 9 months nearly by then, will he be in the pup or the dog category?

A year Old :)

mine wont stand still long inuf lol

Don't worry if they wont do a beautiful stand, the 3 main categories will be based on their structure and how they move so they will be expected to move at points :)

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