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Going Back To Kibble From Raw?


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Has anyone done this before? I'm having to move my two back to dry food after about 8 months on raw. A few weeks ago my car's engine exploded on the motorway (pretty bloody terrifying experience!), and was written off. I need a car for work so as a result I've ended up getting a new car on finance (I pick up Connie Corsa on Friday :D ) but that now means I'm basically permanently skint for the next 5 years unless I win the lottery or get a massive pay rise. So I've been looking at ways to save money. I'm selling a bunch of my stuff including the dog food freezer, taking them off raw (which at the moment is costing me almost £60 a month), and will be feeding them Skinners kibble for the next 5 months as I won 5 x 15kg bags of the stuff. After that if they've done ok on it I'll stick with it, if not I'll look for a better one but either way I'll save about £30 a month after that.


I'm just wondering how their digestive systems are going to handle the switch? At the moment their poos are small, dry, crumbly, (stinky!)...everything it usually is on raw. Should I expect their tummies to go a bit mental for the first week or so on kibble and give them the squits? It's not like I'll be able to change over slowly like you would from one kibble to another because you shouldn't feed raw and kibble together. I'm not expecting any other negatives with the change over to be honest as Kiska has gotten sick of it and keeps leaving it (and tries to take my sister's puppy's kibble!), and Freya will eat absolutely anything, even if it's not edible :P I'm just curious to know how their bodies are likely to adjust.

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We feed a mix of kibble & raw & scraps depending on what we have sonot really a change in the way you are talking. have you tried your local butchers? We can get a carrier bag of chicken carcasses / ribs / shoulders / etc for £1, but it is in Woking, so no good for you

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