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my latest ones that still dont have homes.

I now charge postage but I changed prices a bit. Blooming royal mail really are taking the biscuit.

For everyone I sell of these ones on here I shall donate £1 to the husky owners camp fund :D



Tugz 1 - 20 inch Red and Black Tugz Tugger £5 postage £2.20



Tugz 2 - 20 inch Red and Black Tugz Tugger £5 postage £2.20



Tugz 3 - 37 inch Green, Blue and Brown Tugz Tugger £7 postage £2.20



Tugz 5 - 12 inch Green and Leopard print Ball Tugz £5 postage £2.20

Tugz 8 - 16 inch Blue Frisbee flinger £5 Postage £2.20
Tugz 9 - 26 inch pink and white Tugz Tugger £5 Postage £2.20
Tugz 10 - 44 inch Dark Blue and Red Tugz Tugger £7 Postage £2.20
Tugz 11 - 20 inch Green and Leopard print Tugz Tugger with handle £5 Postage £2.20
Tugz 12 - 22 inch Red and Black Tugz Ring Tugger (with rubber ring inside fabric) £7 Postage £2.20


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so hard to make!

Is it? I would say to get one but i cant afford it just yet but will order some more from you when i have more monies as they truly are so good for them! Do you do any ball type ones? 

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