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If you don't know how to be dominant without being mean don't get a sibe. My boy respects me as pack leader. I used a lot of my horse handling skills to help. I've never had to be forceful. If you're unsure about dominating don't get a sibe

Covered in dog hair

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I'm seriously thinking about getting six or seven of them so that I can get them to pull me along on a special reclining chair with wheels on it. I can't be bothered to walk anywhere anymore and I think this could be the solution.

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Watch wall corners and door frames, it makes something nice for them to chew on. When Hachi was teething, he broke one wall corner and two door frames, we did not put him in a crate when we were leaving. Now he doesn't destroy anything anymore, but I would suggest to crate train them, at least when they are pups.


Also give them enough exercise or they just go nuts!

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