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vehicle bumper / window sticker

Grumpy Busted

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steve would you be able to post the details and what we have to do to get one of the big stickers made up please?

What picture are you going to use, if you use your own it MUST be high res or will look a mess, if you want same as mine then just tell me the length you want, (be careful with the answer) and i will order you one

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there's 2 designs, there's the one Steve has and the one I have on the back of my car - if you send marc the pic you want to use he will sort it for you and get the quality right then he cansend to steve to get it printed x

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5inch diameter or 6inch x 3inch rectangular bumper / window sticker

both will be £2.50 inc post

If more than one is ordered then only 1x 50p post and packing will be charged, 1st one £2.50 - additional ones at £2.00 each

Outside the UK will be slightly more

Steve is going to order 30 of each and will be sold by him until he recoups his outlay, any left after that will be given to Sarah and Marc to sell for the forum.

Will post as soon as he has got them, if needed, he will order more to take to the Oct camp. Prefer payment by cheque as paypal is too expensive or cash can be sent at your risk. PM Steve or myself for address details & to give us your postal address too.

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when you say "BIG ONES" do you mean the 6 x 3 or the large window ones

how much are the large window ones. ??

(like the one Marc n Saz have??)

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about £35 or £40

If you have your own picture (must be high resolution) i can get that done for same price

ok in that case. I'll take a couple of the 6" X 3" at camp if that's ok. biggrin.gif

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