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The new additions to our family


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As you may know we already have one cockatiel named ZiZi we felt he needed a friend. So today we went to a bird sanctuary and rescued some friends for him :) we don't have names for them yet but here are some picspost-8416-13586080970859_thumb.jpg they are in a separate cage at the mo but will be introduced over the next week :)



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That's awesome. Budgies are great little birds, I had one 6 years ago...a green one. His name was Pepi.


If you don't know your birds' genders, its kinda hard to pick a name! LOL

I think the top one is a baby (the cere doesn't have a colour. The males' are usually blue and the females' are a darkish red). T

The middle green one looks to be a female but its hard to tell from that angle.

The bottom one (the cockatiel?) might be a baby too, but I'm not completely sure because I've never had a cockatiel...so I don't know if the cere colours work the same way.

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Thank you all :) the two cockatiels are in the big cage together now and seem to be getting on fine with just a few squabbles :) ZiZi follows the new bird around everywhere as if to say this is mine get off :) not all the time tho so its good.

We still haven't got any names for them yet but we are working on it :)

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