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Your chance to win a trip to Husky Camp 2013!!!

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Hey peeps - here's your chance!!

Are you interested in coming to the UK husky Camp 2013?

Do you have a valid passport?

Can you take time off work?

Can you get someone to care for your pets whilst away?

If you answer yes to all of the above you are in with a chance of winning a trip of a lifetime!

Please add your name if you're interested - please note the following rules though:

  • Members must have a total number of posts above 500 at the time of applying

  • If you break forum rules and are banned your invite will be cancelled

  • The ticket purchased is a return ticket and your accommodation is included - food and spending money is out of your own pocket

  • The ticket covers one person - you can bring someone with you however they will need to pay for their own

  • You must continue to make regular contributions to the forum - this is for active regular members of the forum, if you are not an active regular member and do not wish to be so please do not place your name down for a chance to win.

Dates to be confirmed imminently - you will be collected from either Liverpool or Manchester airport by myself or Marc

If you wish to extend your stay in the UK you can do but please note if you do you may have to make your own way to the airport as we can't guarantee we can take you back depending on how long extra you wish to stay.

Amanda xlobox won the comp last year and came with her partner - after camp they spent a few days in London sightseeing and arranged everything themselves.

We will help any way we can with arranging things, all you need to do is ask :)

The winner will be drawn out of a hat on Christmas Day and it will be announced on the forum.

Friday 10th May to Friday 17th May

Incorporating people for the weekend Friday 10th to Monday 13th May

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