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Training your Husky According to your rules.

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I find it bizarre when people tell you that dogs shouldn't sleep with the pack leader. In a pack all the dogs would sleep and lie together. It's perfectly normal for a dog to sleep with or around their people.

I think you are expecting a bit much for a baby puppy, when I was reading your post I thought you were going to say she was 9 months not 9 weeks... the important thing here is deciding what YOU want to do and making those rules clear and consistent to your puppy from day one. I wouldn't expect a baby puppy to 'know' to sleep on her bed or mat without a lot of training and rewards, are you happy for her to sleep on the floor? If so then let her sleep on the floor! My dogs are welcome on the lounge as long as they get off when I say so. I don't have any problems with them behaviour wise.

Also, try not to be so confrontational with her, because you are making her feel defensive. Teach her to come to you when you call her, teach her to go outside on a cue, practice grabbing her collar and giving her a treat when you do so she learns that's not a bad thing.

Thank you all for your advice. Things just fell in to place, I still sleep on the sofa with her, but Im happy and she is too :) I made her a new bed which she loves, toilet training is down to the odd accident.......but most of all, someone said to me, how could I doubt myself when she so obviously sees me as her leader, she does everything I say, (when I dont nagg......which was what I was doing on this guys advice!!!-see 1st posting-NOT quote above-I agree with everything becs put!!!)....and looks to me for direction. I think I have it sorted now as she is bright as a button and picks it all up so quickly. I was having a bad day thanks to listening too much to advice and having little faith in myself. That is a key Ive learnt....have faith in yourself....you know your dog better than anyone and the advice you get has to be tailored.

I thank everyone on here as their advice is brilliant,and mostly everyone fills you with confidence.....so thanks guys!!!! xx

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Very good thread here! Got a question too, I've seen in your first movie in this thread


In that video you see chewy talking back at one point, I've seen this behaviour also with our dogs (first one Nick over 20 years ago, then with Qannik about 4 years back and now with Dobble) in the obedience training, I've been looking around on the net and found that I'm not alone in this, and I (and the instructor at the dog school) am wondering where this behaviour comes from and if it's typical Husky ;)

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