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So you think you want a siberian husky?

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Just a few things to consider before you rush off to get that cute puppy.

They Can and WILL if allowed to become bored or lonely, destroy a sofa, carpet or cupboard in minutes. they will strip paper and plaster off your walls and make short work of skirting boards. They might also do it because your back is turned. This habit is not restricted to puppies as grown dogs will also do this. they may even do it just because you are 'not looking'. This can be combated by providing tough toys, chews, bones etc. We have found bitters spray and vicks vaporub to be good chew deterrents.

They have no respect for flora and fauna and will happily turn your garden into a mudbath, which will then extend into your house. They can also make themselves very ill by eating unsuitable items such as toxic plants, slugs etc. Block paving is a wonderful thing!

They will jump a fence lower than 6ft high and attempt to jump one higher than that. they will climb wire, push through hedges and dig under anything they cannot jump over. They really are the Houdini of the dog world.*A garden resembling alcatraz is essential.

They will run away if given the opportunity. We recommend you NEVER let your husky off the lead unless you are in a confined area like a tennis court etc. There is a common misconception among new husky owners that they will be able to train their dog to come back, this is very rarely true. The prey drive is too strong and the huskies hearing very selective. For your dogs safety, ALWAYS use a long lead/extending lead/lunge reign etc.

Exercise is essential! As we have already stated, this must be ON LEAD, so be prepared for nice brisk walks to provide your husky with adequate exercise.

Regular weekly grooming is required to keep that thick double coat in top condition. In addition, huskies 'blow' their coat twice-yearly, meaning large clumps of their hair will fall out and turn your carpet into a snowstorm for several weelks. If you don't mind dog hair as an added extra to your furniture, clothes and food, fine! If you hate the thought of dog hair on anything other than the dog, consider another pet.

They will NOT guard your house. Though their look says they mean business, strangers will be welcomed into your house in just the same way as your friends, Including the uninvited burgler or dog-thief.

They can be prone to digestive upsets. find a food that suits (we would recommend a complete working diet or the B.A.R.F diet) then stick to it. Any changes in diet must be done gradually.

They can be very sensitive to anaesthetics. Should your husky require treatment needing an aneasthetic, your husky MUST be weighed to give an accurate weight and your vet may recommend a different type of aneasthesia, this may incur an extra cost.

They must NEVER be trusted with small animals. The husky has a very primative Prey drive lurking just beneath that domestic dog exterior. You may think its cute when He watches, plays with and licks your cat/rabbit/bird etc. he is thinking one thing: LUNCH!

BUT: It's not all bad!

he husky has little body fat and is very lean and muscular in build with an effective metabolism. A common comment that we hear is that one expected a husky to be bigger, heavier or fatter. this should not be the case and care should be taken not to allow your husky to become overweight.

They are reletively healthy breed, with few inherited problems. The main problem that can occur is with the huskies eyes: gloucoma and congenital cateracts. The risk of these can be minimised by only choosing a dog bred from Kennel club registered parents, who have both been tested for these disorders and certified clear of them. The breeder should also provide WRITTEN PROOF of this from their vet or the kennel club. Hips are of a lesser concern, but always get your dog from parents who have been hip scored and attained an acceptable result (current breed average is 7).

They age very well!. A 12 year old husky going on 2 is not uncommon.

They are very loving and affectionate towards everyone, though will not become a loyal 'one-man dog' they love everyone equally!

They do very well in packs. a single husky often does not remain so for long and we find people coming back for a second, third, or more. There are many many multi-dog Husky owners out there!

Finally! lets not forget the BEST thing about the husky: those stunning looks! In no other breed is such a vast range of coat colours, markings and eye colours found. No coat or eye colour is considered 'rare' and all are permissable for showing. He truly is an eyecatching dog.

Though strong-willed, if raised and trained correctly, a Husky can excel at racing, Showing, agility (confined area only remember!) obedience etc. Training must commence at puppy stage and continue lifelong to ensure a well-balanced pet. Too many huskies are given up by their owners between the ages of 6 months and two years, due to lack of training, meaning the dog has become a 'problem dog'. so work hard, he really is worth the effort.

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  • 6 months later...

My god woman I posted this back in October lol

Well fancy you not posting it before the forum existed LOL

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Well fancy you not posting it before the forum existed LOL

Marc.... forum went live on 28th Oct - post went up 29th Oct - come on lol

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i answered your poll question and this thread just poped up, sorry lol, if only id known sooner, id still have a nice house a sort of sorted garden , hairless clothes, fewer grey hairs, but hey what the hell , in for a penny in for a few hundred quid lol

same thing happened to me two

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if only id known sooner, id still have a nice house a sort of sorted garden , hairless clothes, fewer grey hairs

I know that feeling! However, I'm coming to love the grey hairs. And, siberian fur is the perfect accessory for all outfits! ('n who needs a nice garden anyway!) LOL

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You captured it all...LOL

It really is amazing how many people just buy huskies and malamutes because they are so gorgeous and a mere 4 weeks later (here in hawaii at least) the puppy will be resold because often the family is not prepared to put in the time or brains...lol.

there is however one somel teeny things you forgot...lol...

If the husky is allowed they will continue to gorge themselves and run you through 20 pounds of food in less than a week...lol. By the way...LOL...what ever happened to actual 50 pound bags of dog food??

People also often think that sibes and malamutes are like some of their fellow med/large breed dogs that grow slowly/slower...lol...thats a total joke...lol

and last but not least their number two mischeivious instinct is to find a weakness of any kind to get out doors, windows, and outside the fence. Cheap bricks and light duct taping just will not do the job LOL...never assume it will be enough to brick up only the holes they have already created...you must always put bricks around the entire fence-line and ensure that you put them back once your sweet sibe figures out how to move them.

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By the way I think we all missed the ever monotonous chore of struggling to bathe our most dirty dogs....LOL.

I dont know about anyone else here but I myself have never encountered a husky who appreciated the lather and rinse process...and it is almost always a guarantee that the second they go back outside they will barrel-roll in the dirt and make you wish you had not just strained every muscle in your body to hold them down when the soap went on. LOL.

owners often quickly learn not to shower before they attempt to bathe a sibe...LOL.

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