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You'll be fine...we only booked today.

Eek, you people are all too organised! Seriously...i'll be throwing all our crap into a bag and then the car the morning we set off! I'm not so good at planning ahead! (stupidly returned the future in laws camping stove 2 days ago though...now we'll have to get our own! Or eat cold grub! Either or really.)

What do you need a stove for woman????

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The OH morning coffee so he doesn't walk around like a big grizzly all day!

there's tee coffee milk and sugar that is provided we just ask for a small donation to cover the cost x

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I'm ready to meet the nutters! I'm going to faint from excitement! HUSKY OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you teach me how to speak with a British accent? lol

:yahoo: So excited for you - can't wait to hear your stories about the crazy Brits and their husies :rolleyes:

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