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husky names


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ok so i thought for an interesting thread, how about.

your huskies name, its kc name if registered, and any nick name it has.

so here goes

name = micha

KC name = snowflake magic

nicknames = wooflah donus saurus rex (usually shortened to donus) my nephew thought that she was like a dinosaur when she was eating a bone in the garden.

or stinky dog i know its not a nice nickname, but after a week of swimming in the various puddles / lakes she finds, boy does she smell

name = saskia

kc name = na

nicknames = sassy (easier than saskia) or my personal favourite polo bear. a young child gave saskia a cuddle and said she was all cuddly and fluffy like a polo bear (i didnt realise polar bears like cuddles lol)

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Ok, here goes......

Name: Nova

KC name: n/a

Nickname: Nova wooey, woowoo's. (cos she woo woo's at you when you speak to her)

Name: Nanuk

KC Name: n/a

Nickname: Batfink (he has huge ears lol)

Name: Tikkanni

KC Name: n/a

Nickname: Fluffy butt, little monkey, pup pup (cos she's so dinky)

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Name: Zeus (we wanted to rename him Indie when we adopted him but didn't have the heart too)

KC: n/a

Nickname: Zeusballs, Zeusie (gets mistaken for Lucy all the time in the dog run, even though he is MALE!), Chicken chops (he lovesss chicken), Mr Zee, Zed

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Name: Gizmo

KC Name: Kakitmes Moonrun Thor

Nicknames: Giz, Gizzy, Shizzy Gizzy, Mr Gizz, Gizzy Poo, Blue eyes, Gay Boy (for obvious reasons ;)), Sneaky Russian (If you have watched the film Snatch, you will know who I am on about)

Name: Marley

KC Name: Canislupus Generous Boy

Nicknames: Marlz, Bob, Bear, Huggy Bear, Big baby or at the moment its more like big bully

Name: Bandit

KC Name: Canislupus Master Allen

Nicknames: James Bond / 007, Mischief, Houdini, Lil man, Dumbo (used to get called it anyway, doesnt anymore), Turkish (due to his little raid of the turkish delights)

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Name: Blaze

KC: Blazing Thunder

Nicknames: Trouble, Blazey-boy, Blaze-um Jaze-um, ababababa (usually gets him 2 look at u lol sed in a stupid baby voice), baby boy, Baze ( also sed in a stupid baby voice lol)

Name: Bingo (ok not a husky but i cnt leave him out)


Nicknames - bing, bingz, bingaling, jinglebing (his xmas name lol) bingo-boy, babz, bebz, bingalingalitus (when he got conjuctivitus n tonnsilitus lol)

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you'll have to stay with me on this one, will take a while :P

Ali: Purespirit sunrise spirit of bluesandtwos

nickname: Scoobie

DD: Anakusak dancing demon for bluesandtwos

nickname: defor, soft lad

Mishka: Tinsel teaser of bluesandwos

Nickname: Squish

Amber: Bluesandtwos Red response

Nickname: bambam, ginger (as in beGIN)

Nuka: Cactusalska spirit of aroa by bluesandtwos

Nickname: nunuk

Nova: Cactusalska moon spirit by bluesandtwos

Nickname: nono

Hush: Bluesandtwos thunderbolt

Nickname: slush

Echo: Polarpaws heburn of neozero

Nickname: booboo, Atilla

Turbo: Cactusalska Talvi

Nickname: li'l man

Rain: Greentrails luna of neozero

Nickname: Rooroo

Maurice: Green machine at neozero

Nickname: Mo, grandad

Spyrit: Khodies spyrit of neozero

nickname: Spiz, old man

Dixie: Towillan buran of neozero

Nickname: dikdik, fruitloop, nutcase

Jude:Neozero's hey jude

Nickname: puppa

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Name: Kamots means to go free lol you should see what happens when he does. Was called Dash when we got him and Riedien in first home poor little man.

KC Lueldar MOON walker

Name Dakota. Called this as her mother is chinook after the chinook indians so is Dakota

KC Lueldar MOONlight Dreams

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