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Post your pics here for the poorly girls poster

Michelle Melsom

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Just a suggestion...You could let Katy know the names of each husky as well as where they are from so she sees she has huskies all over the world woo wooing for her! I think most of us has our locations on our posts.

Yup thats what I was planning on :D names of the pups and location and some of the dogs from the movies Ill put a little bit in there about that :D

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oh its so hard to decide which pics to use.. but here is just a few of my favs.. hope you can use them.

post-8679-0-21094700-1373945196_thumb.jpTikaani / Macie & Nikita at the back

Tikaani playing hide and seek


Tikaani (nearest) & Macie (furthest)


chilling at home.. from left to right

Nikita age 7 / Cheya age 3 / Macie age 2 / Tikaani age 4






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Ok so I have 97 pictures of Huskies from the forums, breeders, mushers and other random husky owners I know and since there is so many the cutoff for putting your pic up will be tonight so I can make notes and organize everything before I go to work tomorrow :) Thank you everyone for the pictures!

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oh bugger! lol are you able to use my avatar? no not my avatar.my signature... the bird and the boy dog

Here's it :) I've reuploaded it for you. Just note that files uploaded to private conversations are only viewable for those in that conversation. No one else is able to see it (unless you're an admin!)



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