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Google your dogs!


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Just had a bit of fun seeing how many of my guys pics showed up in the 1st 11 pages of google!


Husky - 0 :(

Kira Husky - 17!

Grey Husky - 2, and 1 wasnt my pic! It was one of Sibe77 's!!

Keyusha Husky - 39!!!! Plus most of the other pics were of Kiz & Grey! Woop for uncommon names! lol

So how many hits do you get? Go to google images and search Husky 1st, then each of yours dogs names plus husky

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woop! lol

i think it shows up pics fromconvos so if uve posted something with pics of ur dogs n ive made a comment with mydogs names on it will show up

google search husky-owners and ur username too lol

lol that brings up a lot, pics of me, the dogs, my collars, my drawings etc lol

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On Wordpress when you searched for the tag "husky" it used to say that "Glala" and "Dana" where related tags :D

When searching for Glala (without the husky), she still appears in the first image, yeah! "Glala husky" seems to result in 90% Glala for the first few pages :P Dana's on the first page as well when you search for "Dana husky". I have a smaller screen than you people so I get less pictures per page (about 8). Will count them when I'm back on my computer.

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Dana: 0

Dana husky: 13. Also includes lots of my photographs of wolves :confused:

Glala: 6 times, but it has only 6 pages.

Glala husky: 20. First 7 are all of Glala :D

When searching for webpages, the first EIGHT results are all pointing to this site, my website, my blog, my videos or pages that talk about any of these. Wow!

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Husky....0 (not surprised)

Nikita Husky.....0 (still no big surprise, few of wolf nikita tho)

Nikita Borrowdale Husky....0 (huh)

Husky Nikita..... 0 (oh come on)

Nikita (extra space) Husky....0 (Starting to sulk now)

Husky Nikita Husky.....0 (wheres my bloody camera, I need to take more pics)

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husky Diesel = 15 in the first 10 pages! He's a popular boy, bless him!

husky Myshka =1 in the first 15 pages, it kept bringing up Mishka, the singing husky!

husky = zero, but there are some STUNNING pics on there!

You can force it to search for Myshka. Now you'll find waaay more. Even without the husky you'll find some :)

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