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I have just found this forum after adopting our first husky 5 years ago! Akuma passed away this summer aged nearly 11 from liver disease, we were devastated and found ourselves longing to invite another husky into our family. As with Akuma we looked to the SHGB welfare scheme and brought home Kobi last weekend.

Kobi (i will post a picture when i'm on laptop and not ipad!) is a 2 year old male, he has been in foster home for over a year as his previous family split apart and he would have been left alone for long periods of time. He has been staying with a family who have their own huskies (lots of them) plus 2 foster places :)

After just a week Kobi is settling in very well. He is very different from Akuma, as we are learning fast! Not in bad ways but we honestly felt that Akuma didn't realise he was a husky either that or he was the laziest husky ever. Kobi has adapted from a crate and many other dogs to being the only dog with a basket that he loves. He sleeps ont he landing outside our bedroom door in his basket. He was pulling badly on the lead (i think as he's now walked on his own) so we got a halti and the difference is amazing, he loves his walks and we can traipse round the woods for ages, he always finds something of interest and he loves meeting people and other dogs.

This week i'm going to start leaving him on his own, he is a toy chewer (again not something we are used to) but he is still only just 2 so there is a bit of puppy left in him. We will see how it goes, we may have to crate him when we are out and if so we will get him used to it slowly. He's adapted to a big change in his environment and is generally very chilled. I'm around most of the time but will need to leave him once a week for about 3 hours then obviously would like to be able to pop out now and again! As with Akuma we also find ourselves making plans to go places we can take him with us :)

Our house doesn't seem empty anymore, again its filled with the companionship, love and laughter that seems to me to follow this wonderful breed.

Oh yeah and hubby (forgetting how fast they can be) left kitchen door open yesterday when i was out and Kobi ate one of my 6 inch fruit cakes i'd just made for the holidays!

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Sorry for your loss. There is nothing like another Husky to make living worthwhile. Welcome to the pack, by the way. Looking forward to the pics.

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Hi and welcome to the mad house, really sorry for your loss but rest assured Akuma will be playing away over rainbow bridge happy as he ever was. Brilliant that you could fill your lives again with a rescue husky. Well done to you and your OH, oh and yes pics please, sooner rather than later,

Have fun here,

Andy & Boone

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Thanks for the welcomes, the board is helping us out a lot already.

This is Kobi....[ATTACH=full]29059[/ATTACH]

And this is Akuma...


Sorry to hear about Akuma he sounds like he was a dream dog and a real credit to you - great pics...:lovebone: ..... & Kobi what a handsome chap!

I notice your an uprooted scot - :happyditto:

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