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Husky with a Runny Nose for over a Month

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Hey Guys,

I'm hoping someone can help me here. My husky, Remy, had been sneezing like crazy for a week so we took him to the vet to check it out and he got his vaccines (it just happened to fall in the same date), and the vet said he had allergies. So 2 weeks pass by and he starts to get worse. We take him to the vet again and apparently he has an infection. He gets meds.

The meds clear up his eye boogies and he starts to feel better instantly. It worked great. So 10 days have past and he's taken all his meds. He's significantly better...but he still has one runny nostril and sneezes during the day. Not a lot, but enough. His energy is fine. His eating habits are fine. It's just this one side of his nose that keeps running. It's not even color, it's just clear. He licks it all the time which started to cause a chapped nose, but I've gotten something for that which is helping him a lot.

The thing is, when I'm about to put on this ointment (Natural Dog Snout Soother Nose Balm) he runs from me so fast (he's never done this before) and before I even touch his nose he starts to whimper. But when I'm touching it he's fine, and i'm wondering if it's because his nose hurts inside. Because when I do finally touch his nose, he stops whimpering.

Maybe I'm panicking and over reacting, but it has been over a month of him with a runny nose and every time I go to the vet, it seems like they dont have an answer and I keep paying but it doesnt get fixed all the way. Nothing has changed as far as diet or anything.

I was wondering if maybe it was this new laundry detergent I'm using? Could that be it? But wouldn't that cause him to have a skin rash instead?

Any help would be great. thanks guys!


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Boy, don't know if this will help or not. What do you feed Remy? Does not sound like a food alergy, but it is possible. The laundry detergent might be involved, but how much does he interface with things that have been laundered? Has anyone applied fertilizer or weed killer to any lawns in your area? That stuff can wreak all kinds of havoc on a dog. If it's like our area, we've had little rain for the longest time. Everything is dry and dusty. Zoya has allergies to pollen and grass, and now we can add dust. In the spring of the year, when it's really bad, we give her four 25mg tablets of bendryl, once a day. That helps keep her from sneezing and having a runny nose. You might try some of that for a few days, but check with your vet first. If he has your dog on any other meds right now, you don't want to give something that may alter or affect what the vet has prescribed.

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