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What made you get a Husky?

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When I was a boy, learned about Norwegians Leonhard Seppela and Gunnar who were famous for their lead Husky's, Togo and Balto. Then started learning everything about the breed and still learning today;) My first Husky was a female that my girlfriend at the time picked out, and now we have our beautiful, marvelously mischievous, intelligent, loving and spirited Husky pup 10 months old, Czar Demon Dragunov~and he is our very :heartbeat:joy:heartbeat: :wub:post-8923-0-79314200-1362700815_thumb.jp We struggled with the idea to get a pup from a breeder when there are so many dogs out there at shelters, but learning from the past, and having been rescuing dogs for years from shelters, we wanted to start from their early years to train them. We will most likely rescue a Husky next time, to give them a second chance-we are the type that loves to rescue animals that are unwanted-as long as we can care for them as they need, we're not hoarders. Wish we could adopt them all, but you know-money and all..:D


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Since I was a kid I always had this dream of owning a husky, but that dream just seemed so far out of my reach - I never actually thought I'd get the pleasure of owning a husky. I'd watched movies with sled racing and became hooked on the idea of the iditarod race. After I moved out and started living by myself, I missed the company of my parents' dogs. At first I intended on getting a Border Collie as I'd always grown up with them, but it was my mum that turned around and said what about a husky?

So I started reading up on them. Learnt about their unreliable recall, their destructive behaviour and overall independence. I viewed photographs of the damage they could create... then I said "That's the dog for me!". Don't ask me why, I still don't know why, but I think what I loved the most was their distinctive differences in personality and I just loved their will to be independent. A couple of months later, I came across Aleu's breeders website. He'd just had a litter so I gave him a call asking if I could see the Silver and White girl that was bi-eyed but discovered that all of the pups had been reserved. Disappointed, I left my contact details anyway incase anything cropped up.

To my surprise the breeder got back in touch with me a few days later after the person that wanted Aleu, the only light red and white puppy, picked up a fuss about not being allowed to take her home! She was 3 days old! He said to the breeder, if you don't let me take her now, I don't want her, I'll find another puppy. So the breeder told him where to go shove it. I'd always imagined that I'd have a silver and white girl, but I arranged that I'd go see her that weekend.

Well from the second I saw her, my heart melted and that was that. I visited her every Saturday before I was allowed to bring her home :).

I'm glad I decided not to go with the colour I "wanted". Afterall, it's not about colours, and Aleu is an amazing girl. I wouldn't change a thing about her, and she's got an awesome personality - exactly what I was looking for :)



And what's more!

I may not have a large team, but I have a one dog team, and I LOVE IT!


Stacey xxx

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Some days I still can't believe I finally have a husky. I've loved them since I was very young. But never had the chance to get one. I grew up with an Akita x German shepherd. By the time she had passed on my ex step dad was living with us. He lived with us since I was 9 to about I think 20. I never brought up wanting a husky while he was around because I knew he would say no. Even if he would have said yes I still would not have asked as I'm 100% positive that it would have been abused by him cause of how stubborn they are. My cats were still flinching 2 months after my mom and him separated.

We had enough pets at that time though. We had 3 cats and 3 dogs. Then sadly in a few months time the oldest dog ( who was my grandma's beagle mix we had taken on when she passed away), and oldest cat we had passed away.

Then we moved around a lot.

Then one day when we had been settled in one town for 2 years and after talking to my therapist, she suggested I get a dog to help bring me out of my fear of people in public.

So I asked my mom as she surprisingly said yes.

Can't believe I've only had Kissu for only a little over a year.

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I did always have dogs and I love them and cats too I grow up with cats and dogs I moved in UK and I left my dog home caz I will not put her to the long period of quarantine. I wanted a dog the husband said we will not have time for one well I have a money box I started to collect £2 one day I counted I find out I have quite a lot and I told him I want a dog when he found I want a ankle biter he said no I start to look and read about husky I told him I want one and for 2 months the husband will hear Mishka singing or another husky howling and like this I got Vlad

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