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all those not at camp !!! time to get naked !!


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ok so the old saying ..the cats away the mice will play...

so with so many at camp :clap: its time for us to run around the forum naked shouting



lets throw away the :rules:

its time to play with scissors without parental help..:yikes:

time to wrestle with an action man and have no health and safety to worry about:omg:

jump off a dolls house and not have to wear a safety harness.:bananadance:

time to be top poster of the day with no sarah and nixy to stop us.:yahoo:

time to pick on any moderator or admin thats left.:cheeky:

co's now us normal members out number them.. :cheeky:

so time to bully them.. ;):lolman:

so come on its play time lets make the most of it before they get back and tell us off...:angry2:

nb : this post will automatically delete itself before they all get back......

and for us all to act as if we have behaved ourselves :whistling::angel:

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