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Husky Owners Hoodies

Val (Zebedee)

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I did ask the rest of the staff if they knew another printers that would do this & for someone to take the lead with it, sorry that never happened, but we have plenty of time to sort it for the Autumn camp - we tend to do hoodies for the Oct camp so I'll feed it back - watch this space

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didnt someone on here find a great printers. cant remember her forum name :confused:

they did allsorts.

damnit dontknow who it was!

Im not coming october camp but I will want another hoody - I want one with Gobby Cow on it :D

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Madmonk said he knew somewhere & we were trying to find out where one of the rescues got their hoodies from, so we are still looking

Thanks for trying, robke, it is appreciated :D

doesnt Nikki Raven from huskies in need do printing things? NikkiRaven

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Unless we do it in a bulk order ship this to the UK..I have my own freight forwarding company and ship to the UK a fair bit..I will then take the shipping costs for my account....@BlueWolf we just might have to look into this...


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Nix as I am sort of colour blind LOL how many colours are there in the HO logo?

the background is a dark blue , husky is written in light blue , owners in orange and then kimba is a very light grey n white (mostly white just some grey at the top of his head) then obv the pink of his ears too , brown eyes , black nose :)

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