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Husky Owners Holiday, U coming?????


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Hi guys, I'm thinking of arranging a holiday camping for all us husky owners! I'm thinking of somewhere in North Wales from Thurs 30th July aiming to be there for lunch time to Sunday 2nd Aug leaving early evening.....

Would anyone be interested in joining us??? If you would please could you let me know, along with how many of you there would be, how many tents/caravans/motorhomes, and how many dogs you would be bringing......

It is going to take some organising to find a campsite happy to take multiple dogs but i'll start researching now and once i get a better ideas of numbers i'll be able to more info to you of possible locations :D

I will be looking for a site with facilities ie showers and toilets so it would be to much like roughing it for those of you who like thier home comforts!!! ;)

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Cool, u can borrow a tent from us if need be! Thermo rests a must tho so ure nice and comfy!!! wont be able to find a site that we can hire statics and have dogs and camp etc so its either going to have to be ppls own caravan or a tent!!!! We'll have to hope and pray for some nice weather!!! if it keeps going like this it'll be great!!!

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If anyone has been to a good dog friendly camp site in North Wales please can we have the details???? Must take 3 dogs per pitch and have facilities! Cheers!!!

You can stay in our place with 3 dogs Lucy and that's in north Wales ;)

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Right peeps, a location has been chosen by Sarah and myself.....

we will be going to Aberdaron, Pwllheli

The site has showers, toilets, electric hook up, and camp fires allowed!!!!! Yippee :)

Sarah and I will be there from the thurs till the Sunday....but if getting time off work etc is not poss you could just join us for the weekend :)

Prices are 10 for tents,

from 10 for tourers

from 10 for motor homes

electric hook up 1.50


and there is one tourer available for hire there for 20 per night (sleeps 2 adults)

Promises to be a great weekend, let us know if yout interested!

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