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Cartoon Doggy Pictures to order


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Stacey, will you be able to do these two for me? I would like just the heads but they will need to be the same size (sorry, I chopped Micah's ears off) Could you put it on a blueish background?



Yeah sure, do you want both in the same picture or individual portraits?

It's £6 per dog, is that ok?

Stacey xxx

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@Rosemary Heya, just letting you know, I've started working on Micahs portrait. I've nearly finished colouring her, but I've had to stop because Im getting cramp in my hand lol. I was hoping I could finish it tonight so, fingers crossed, hopefully my hand will ease up so I can continue and finish it today.

I could give you a preview... but nah :P

Stacey xxx

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Your work is amazing Stacey.

I gotta get one of these.

It's my wife's birthday on the 9th Sept, but if it takes longer that's fine.

I'll cunningly find out her favorite picture of Storm and send it to you.

If it's ok with @Rosemary , I can put Ozzy on hold so I can get Storm done before your wife's birthday?

Stacey xxx

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