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Out and about - post pics here

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Some pics of a typical sunday chew vally/dovestones walk, wet and cold..But we love it :D



















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How do I make them appear with out you having to click on them?

either upload them to somewhere like Photobucket or upload them into the gallery on our site - then copy the BBCode & paste it in the reply box, that will bring the pics up without having to click on them ;)

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well since christmas it has been mental around here, what with lisas dad being ill and other stuff.

any who here are some pics


this one is entitled BACON. suki spent 5 minutes sniffing the air


mad runnign requires cooling off


and suki being very clever shakes herself off on the top of a wood pile


Micha hunting for mice


Micha got so hot at one point she layed down in the nearest water source, a swamp


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out down the local park this evening




new collar that my wife made


an 8 inch lick


Jumping for a stick


coming in for the kill


Raspberry for you


they never feed me honestly


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new common ground we found today.

my beautiful girl Suki.


Happy hot dog


Hunting for mice


No on else about


Suki still hasn't got the hang of shake AFTER you get out


Looks beautiful there and they look as though its a good place to be

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The following error occurred:

Please enter a valid message.

This is the message i get when i tried to post some pics

or trying to post another pic.

The following error occurred:

The submitted message is too long to be processed. Please shorten it.

after 1 hour of frustration i give up......

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Day out in weybridge

cooling off


Micha provided lunch for her and suki in the form of a rabbit she caught much to the horror of my daughter


fantastic photos, fantastic dogs

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Thank you (not that I have anything to do with it lol).

The house one is good as I got of the car and looked up and their she is lol. Paula had her on the harness btw

Look at the pic of her in the chair as its recent. Little madam lol.

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