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this dog is gonna turn me grey


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01:30 Sunday morning and I'm having to take Nikita to the emergency vet.

She was sick Thursday afternoon, had diarrhea Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning but seemed fine after that right up till 23:00 when she suddenly started throwing up everywhere and yet more diarrhea. Then she couldn't settle and was prowling all the time and crying like she was in pain.

Darling dog had managed to find herself a chicken bone from somewhere Thursday morning that I'd had to wrestle off her and had completely forgotten about until Saturday morning so when the mass up chuck started Saturday night panic mode was engaged.

So after a phone call to the emergency line and dragging my poor vet out of his social life it turns out she has managed to get herself a dose of salmonella.

3 times in 6 months this dog has had me panicking and off to the vets 2 off those times at silly o'clock.

Think I took my last dog to the vet 3 times in 10 years lol.

Shes had a stop throwing up on mummys carpets injection and in 20 mins I have the fun of trying to shove an antibiotic down her throat. Soon as that done im hiding under the quilt till the grand prix starts:cry1:

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