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Looks very pretty..  :D lots of low lights (think thats what there called… or is highlights)… not had my hair cut - coloured in over a year….. maybe two.  I hate people touching my hair…. very sensitive.   :angry: Hannah has given up trying to get me to let her cut it… 

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Starting to care less about pictures going up of me without makeup on I'm not even distracting you from my face with my boobs lol. Getting ready to drive to Dublin for my semi permanent eyelash course tomorrow. Just realised I need to get there before half 9 so I can watch love/hate


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Thankyou I was looking for that image! I forgotte on the 13th so did it yesterday, very disappointed that after all the other charities getting support, the one I'm most passionate about nobody around here seems to be doing anything for it. Even Alan wouldn't let me paint his nails pink and he knows what this means to me
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