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His name is Jack How come you didnt make it Your business to find out his name :o haha ok maybe we shouldnt judge them coz then they'll want us to pose in bikinis and judge us lol, but yes lads ye are more than Welcome to Post topless pictures and we wont judge (out loud) however Your inbox may be flooded with emails! ;)

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I just had a hot one does that count :P

This is all Alicia's doing I'm the innocent party :P hahahaha think she needs to get out more :P

I think you were more than involved in this conversation dont be putting the blame on me! Innocent Yea! ? but you're right i do need to get out more! ;)
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Now that we're back on track I'll stick my mush back up. [emoji2]



Hmmmmm Rabbit in headlights . . . much ??? :P :P

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