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I totally thought this thread was about sledding....  :facepalm: 

Here is me--- my two boys--- Chris 8, on the left and Brody 11, on the right --- and the three girls who are 5. Rianne, Kaitlin, and Victoria in the hoodies and then Kaitlin, Rianne, and Victoria in the dance photo from left to right.


......... Those photos look much better when tiny on my phone. :(






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This photo is to cool not to share. This was taken at the Chinnggis Khaan Memorial just outside UlaanBaatar, Mongolia. 




This was taken in front of the enterance to the Jogyesa Temple grounds in Seoul Korea.



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I got bored so have been sending selfies to the hubby all day to annoy him, lol.

I thought I might aswell put one up here to update this thread and kill two birds with one stone. [emoji2]



I really need to do something more constructive with my time! :rofl::rofl:

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Lol , it looks awesome , I miss my bright colour hair but the bleach just killed it n it's taken me like nearly 2 years to get it healthy again :-(

Thanks :)

Yeah that's the down side of it I only do it every now and then Lol so hopefully it survives although I've got that much hair of be able to cut it off give it to a whole country and still have some left :P

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