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What Van??


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On the new licence jobbie .. Can drive any of these Vans your suggesting, just cant driver the 7.5 tonners like ya used to be able to. Even if we get a long wheel base high top I'm ok on my licence so happy with that ... Wouldnt want to drive a 7.5ton to be honest lol ..

Hmm ...second thoughts.. How many huskies could you get in a 7.5 ton

Hmmmm.... Thought some more ... couldnt afford the house to go with it lol

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We have a merc sprinter bought it as a campervan > ex auxiluary ambulance (non emergency) 24,000 on clock when bought drives like a dream ,its got a fiberglass body that keeps cool in the summer never gets warm for the dogs but is freezing in the winter ,dogs cages are at the back doors bed is above and the rest is a campervan which we use nearly every week winter and summer .

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I would say the mercades sprinter van the LWB (Long Wheel Base) or MWB (Medium Wheel Base) may best for you if your wanting to sleep in it too. We have hired LWB sprinter vans before and they always drive really good and seem good on fuel consumption too.

Heres a link for the sprinter:


thanks Rich, hadn't thought about licence - don't think it will be a problem for me but maybe for marc as he only passed his test last year, will have to have a look into that

if you need any help on licence sarah, let me know!

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oh yeah duhh lol what can i drive then if i passed my test in June 1998?

Depends what categories you have on your licence.

Most people we have coming through our doors that passed around the same time have, what we call grandfather rights (sorry sarah, thats not saying your old though!) and you should be allowed to:

Drive a car/van upto to 7.5 tonne (7500kgs)

Drive a car and trailer

Ride a moped upto 50cc with out having to take any further training or tests

I am quite sure you are also allowed to drive a minibus too.

Let me know your catergories (via PM if you want) and will let you know. You should be ok to drive a van, but its always best to double check :)

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B is car or any 4 wheeled vehicle that does not exceed the weight of 3.5tonnes (3500kgs) and no more than 8 passenger seats and can tow a trailer of no more than 750kg.

B1 is tricycle or quad or any 3-4 wheeled vehicle that has an unladen weight of no more than 550kg

if the letters are in italic then they are provsional categories which you can either get a certificate for, to validate them (i.e. italic P means provisional moped so you can take a CBT and get a certificate to validate that category) or pass a practical test for to gain the full licence.

Looks like your lucky sarah, same codes as alex would mean you dont have "grandfather" rights lol on the downside it does mean you would have to take tests for what some others wouldnt need to.

You should be ok to drive a large LWB van with the categories you already have. However I know the mercades sprinter can come in a 4.5/.3 tonne (4500kg/4300kg) in rare occasions so double check the van weight. If it is more than 3500kg then you would need to take a 7.5 tonne (A little lorry) test and get category C1.

Hope this helps :)

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We have just bought a VW T4 SWB Transporter.

We also considered Merc Vito vans but mec bitis are a LOT more expensive the VW bits and for the same size of vehicle the T4 has a bit more internal space.

I would steer clear of Fords if you don't want to get stuck in mud.

I would say for 4 dogs you would want a LWB transporter or equivalent.

Also bear in mind that the 3500kg limit is the maximum gross weight so if you have kitted it out with heavy stuff you will have to make sure the total weight is not over the 3500kg. I dont know what the rules are for older licences but for new ones the maximum weight you can tow on a standard licence is 750kg.

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Sara, we have an XLWB hi-roof Iveco Turbo daily. You've not seen it (I was 'between vans' and roughing it in a hired transit last time you saw me with a van).

You do need C1 on your license to drive ours, it's a 5 tonne payload (little longer than the biggest sprinter).

Next time your over, pop round and have a look as its converted now.

15 cages (double-decked)

Sleeping for 4 easily

Heating, kitchen and a few other home comforts, and will also have an Awning 'living space' on the side when we have fitted it.

Its kitted out similar to Lucy's, though we had to sacrifice one side of the living area to put in 4 of the cages, as we prefer one dog to a cage (makes life so much easier!)

Carries 2 rigs on the back door, though sled has to go inside should we need that (too long to hang on the back).

Originally had a 2.8 turbo engine, which I blew up on the M25, so now has a 2.5 turbo engine, which pulls very well and its pretty good on fuel. I'll try and upload some photos this week for you.

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great reply lynn, added to rep

we have a van now you will see it at the camping trip. Its only a small one though, we have a Vauxhall Vivaro SWB. It was a crewcab one but I think jamie is taking the spare 3 rear seat out when we go to wales so can put the crates in there. All I know about it is its white, turbo diesel, its brilliant on fuel, it has a yellow flashing light on the roof!

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oh fab thx Lyn, added to rep - wow 15 cages - MARC we need more huskies!!!

Meanwhile, Im sat here thinking "We need more CAGES!" (If things go as planned, will be one short next year, but two of those 15 will comfortably house two dogs, so should be ok)

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