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What Van??


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What van is a good investment - being female and knowing nothing about things like this lol i need help.

Basically, looking for a cheep van to buy so that we can go to the races when the season starts, kit it up with cages etc and put the site logo's on the side.

All i know is - will need a big one lol

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lucy's van is a VW i think... but in my opinion the best vans on the road are the Mercedes either the Vito or the Sprinter..

they come in small version like mine or in long wheel base like Carl & Lucy's... there van is great but hasn't got the pulling power that the Merc has.... most vans will struggle to hit 70/80mph where as a merc will sail down motorway at easily

90+.. and still have more to go....

also the Renault / master etc are good or the Vauxhall.. and the new Transit is fairly good but never get old style or an LDV....

go round try them all ...make sure they have good acceleration ...ie make sure it has Turbo... otherwise when got weight in you may struggle get up hill's in places like Wales / Scotland etc... also having driven many vans myself ... you are by far better getting one which has dash mounted gear stick..... so much easier than old floor change ones....

but the LWB Sprinter with the high top has got to be the best .....

also check your licence as i know a few years back they bought in certain restrictions to what you can drive.. size wise etc...

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thanks Rich, hadn't thought about licence - don't think it will be a problem for me but maybe for marc as he only passed his test last year, will have to have a look into that

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yeh looks good Sarah but... its only slightly longer than mine ..looks well looked after.... only issue's i would have is that it is the stick shift .... and they are a pain in the ass to drive... dont think that version has Turbo so will be slower than most contestants on " weakest link" also 200,000 + miles ouch...be carefull

The van still drives well, will get you home no probs or I'd be willing to fix the problem for 100 on top of end price but give me a few days to book it in etc.

yeh right what else u not saying ?????

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lol if it makes u feel any better it was only nearly 11 yrs ago lmao

nope doesn't make me feel ANY better lmao

hmmmm i was 31 then had been driving for 13 years..... lol

no comment lol

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good thing about red heads - we don't go grey lol

That is so true and really annoying. I really fancy the "silver fox" look, but all I've got is grey sideburns and grey in my beard - the rest is still ginger (although a lot darker than it was when I was younger.

Anyway.........we have an Iveco Daily - absolutely brilliant van, Tall enough to stand up in and have double-decker dog cages. Cruises down the motorway fully loaded at 85mph (and I mean fully loaded -at the weekend we had four people, 13 dogs, 6 fence panels, 4 large marquees, luggage, dogfood, rig, sled, display boards etc etc etc).


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