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Husky Photo Challenge

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Loves to work carrying my Beer Good Worker

Wodak definitely got that one covered, lol. Let me see your husky's funniest photo!

My Daughter with Tanja on the left and Jallu (5 days older than her) on the right

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One of your husky all tangled up!

not sure if this counts......but she is tangled up in the middle of that mess of dogs, humans, and long leads lol.


if not, how bout this one with her back leg tied up?


or this is my last choice when she got wrapped around a tree lol


Provided those count, how bout seeing your husky with a cowboy hat on.

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I would love to join in on this but i don't know how to upload a picture???

  1. Click on the gallery link in the menu above.
  2. Click on Member Galleries
  3. Click on the "New Image" Button on the right top
  4. Follow this post after uploading to post in thread

Enjoy :)

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oh this is an oldish pic - she'll kill me if she knows i've posted it but hey ho lol

This was when a friend of mine was about 7 months pregnant - whenever she came round and sat on the sofa - Kimba wouldn't leave her side - funny though, as soon as she came round after the baby he left her alone - awww


let's see your sibe with a chew toy

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