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Husky Photo Challenge

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Loves to work carrying my Beer Good Worker

Wodak definitely got that one covered, lol. Let me see your husky's funniest photo!

My Daughter with Tanja on the left and Jallu (5 days older than her) on the right

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this is driving me crazy to even look at this thread lol. please stick to the game, it's more fun for everyone that way. i love seeing random husky pictures but like already suggested can we keep them where they belong and off this thread?

I'm going to start a new one. I want to see a husky enjoying a treat!

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@Lee Hughes you understand this thread is a game right?

The next photo is supposed to be displaying big puppy eyes, then you have to say what you want to see in the next photo.

Stacey xxx

Ahh right im on it now! :-) Thanks for the heads up. Il try to get a pic of little Hades now while hes munching on his bone.

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I've got that one :D Yuki digging a hole on a really sunny day.


Now how about your pup on vacation? Any vacation spot pics?

post-2224-13586083609692_thumb.jpg storm and angel with polly at haven this year.

ok lets see your husky in a strange place you know like stuck in a cupboard etc


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